Throwback Scouting Report -2011 NFL Draft

Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada

San Francisco 49ers© Scouting Report

What makes this player NASTY? (Strengths)

Has grown into his frame. Good durability. 4.53 speed. Operates out of the pistol formation, but still executes bootlegs and throws on the move. Has the ability to throw on the move to his left. Team uses half rolls to get him on the perimeter. Has taken the necessary steps to make teams pay on the outside #s vs. man coverage. Excels on deep outs and his strong arm allows him to throw outs/ deep seven cuts. Can make all of the tough throws. Improved doing the little things better on swing passes, flares, etc. Good game day burst. He’s a build speed strider who gets to top speed 20-40 yards down the field.


Doesn’t always throw a catchable ball. Questionable hip flexibility and doesn't have significant wiggle. A little straight-linish. Sometimes puts too much heat on some of his intermediate passes. Lacks the touch to affect defenses in the Red Zone with effectiveness. Clock management ability late in games? Elongated throwing motion could give NFL safeties and corners an extra half step to break on his passes. Sidearm delivery has led to not only inaccuracy at times and difficulty in WRs to seeing the ball come out of his hand.

Other Notes

Former baseball player (90 mph fastball) taken by the Chicago Cubs in the 2009 MLB Draft • Only one offer coming out of high school • ’07 & ’08 WAC Offensive Player of the Year • Two-time Academic All-American • Adopted by Rick and Teresa Kaepaernick when he was five weeks old. They lost two infants to congenial heart defects. • His birth mother befriended him on Facebook. Up until the Boise State game (2010), she came to games and didn’t let him know about it until a week later. He had never met her in person and they have talked only by phone.

Time to get NASTY (Our Summary)...

Kaepernick has major league body control. His run for a score against Boise State was absolutely a defining moment to sum up his NFL prospects. He showed true leadership qualities for the first time in 2010. He’s such a long strider we're concerned about his ability to make defenders miss in space in the NFL. While he hasn't developed enough to get looks as a top-notch rookie coming into the league, Kaepernick could be a hidden gem if given time to develop. He has all of the tools to become an NFL-caliber starter.