2017 Reese’s Senior Bowl: THE CLOCK STRIKES 12

January 28th, 2017 By Corey Chavous

DraftNasty’s Corey Chavous previews twelve players in today’s 2017 Reese’s Senior Bowl who have the most to gain.

2 Antonio Pipkin 6’1 225 QB Tiffin

The big thing in Saturday’s game for Pipkin will be processing information.  There were several times during the course of the week he simply didn’t pull the trigger.  Additionally, he didn’t consistently throw a tight spiral.  On the contrary, he made several impressive seam throws to tight ends during team periods.  Speeding up his release will be a point of emphasis the rest of the postseason.  He’ll need to make quicker decisions on game day.

19 Donnel Pumphrey 5’8 169 RB-San Diego State

No one expected college football's all-time leading rusher to wow during the initial portion of the week (weigh-ins).  His toughness, however, was evident anytime he was asked to throw his body around in pass protection or even in special teams drills as a blocker.  Aside from a few drops, he showed soft hands out of the backfield.  One of the things that impressed the most was his comfort fielding punts.  If he gets an opportunity to catch one or two (punts) during the game, it could add value to his overall portfolio. He returned five kickoffs in school, but never recorded a career punt return.  

84 Chad Williams 6’1 204 WR-Grambling State

Feisty, confident and strong, he impressed for much of the week with his range and pace at the wide receiver position.  Aside from catching the ball away from his frame, he flashed an ability to roll speed cuts (either outside or inside).   He also did a fine job of shifting his gears as a route runner.  There were times when he took too long to set up some of his intermediate patterns.  As a result, defensive backs sat on some of his routes.  It takes defenders awhile to get a feel for his style.  He’ll need to use that to his advantage in what will be a showcase opportunity for the former Tiger. 

65 Tyler Orlosky 6’3 292 OC-West Virginia

Orlosky’s competitiveness stood out from Day 1 and continued throughout the week.  He handled power with an element of fortitude that belied his measurements  His problems surfaced on angle and cut-off blocks.  There were instances when he ended up on the back of defensive linemen during team drills when having to get to an area on outside runs.  This was most evident versus quick interior line defenders such as Charlotte defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi.  He needs to clean this up in today’s game. 

66 Dion Dawkins 6’4 317 OT-Temple

The collegiate left tackle exhibited versatility sliding up-and-down the offensive line during the week.  He sustained well if he established hand placement early in downs.  Dawkins’ ability to slide-and-shuffle was evident at either left guard or left tackle.  He was one of the few tackles in attendance that used a vertical kick-slide technique.  On the downside, he didn’t anchor as effectively at the right tackle spot and was late to punch on occasion as a left guard against power players. 

47 Eddie Vanderdoes 6’3 320 DT-UCLA

Scouts were mixed on Vanderdoes’ work in Mobile.  While he was lauded for his lower body strength, there were some in attendance who weren’t enamored with a tendency to lose his footing.  As DraftNasty senior executive director and former 27-year NFL veteran Barney Chavous put it, “he was top heavy but played with energy.”  It will be important for the former Bruin to keep his balance under control in Saturday’s game. 

96 Ryan Glasgow 6’3 299 DT-Michigan

Scouts were enthused by the fire Glasgow showed snap-to-snap.  Technically, he flashed an outside club move accompanied by an up-and-under rip as a pass rusher.  He turns his hips when getting up the field on offensive guards who overset against him.  An occasional inability to create extension on his bull rushes forced him to attack the shoulders of offensive guards after initial contact.  He’ll need to monitor exposing so much of his numbers immediately off the snap.  When defending the run, he exhibited quick feet re-directing if left unblocked.  His quick snap count reactions beat designed trap blocks.  He will be a player to watch in Saturday’s game. 

94 Carlos Watkins 6’4 312 DT-Clemson

It was an average week for Watkins after a standout 2016 campaign.  He was often met with resistance going down the middle of offensive guards.  His feet didn’t always getting pointed in the direction of the quarterback on his pass rush maneuvers.  He was guided sideways in team drills when defending the run.  A solid game could erase some of the week’s images.

34 Alex Anzalone 6’3 240 LB-Florida

Anzalone was one of the stars of the week on either squad due to his work plugging gaps.  His instincts were first-rate and he played fast.  The 240-pounder displayed at least satisfactory aptitude in man coverage.  A one-year wonder who missed a combined 17 games the last two seasons due to upper body extremity issues (arm, shoulder), he needs a strong game to leave a lasting impression on NFL teams.  We think he could expedite his current momentum with some flash plays in the game on special teams.

26 Jourdan Lewis 5’10 188 CB-Michigan

A season that started off on the wrong foot for Lewis (missed the team’s first three games due to injury) ended with a positive week in Mobile.  It started off when the slender defender weighed in at a better than expected 188 pounds. He made our list because he was the most fluid nickel corner in attendance.  Aside from handling the litany of the North’s quick slot receivers with proficiency most of the week, he was also solid working outside the numbers.  His battles with Eastern Washington wide receiver Cooper Kupp were noteworthy.  If he can once again display efficiency on the edge in his last on-field audition for NFL scouts, it could increase his overall draft stock in a deep class of cornerbacks. 

33 Cameron Sutton 5’11 182 CB-RET Tennessee

Sutton also impressed with his work covering both outside and inside during the week.  In fact, he moved to safety by the Thursday session due to the team’s injury issues.  Despite being just 182 pounds, he competed favorably versus Alabama tight end O.J. Howard in one-on-one coverage.  Additionally, his feet impressed versus double move concepts early in the week.  One of the advantages for Sutton is his ability to return punts.  Despite only six punt returns in 2016, he led the nation in punt return average as a junior (18.7 yds/PR).

7 Demarius Travis 6’0 ½ 211 S-Minnesota

A late addition in the week, Travis looked even better in Mobile than he had a week prior in St. Petersburg during the 2017 East-West Shrine practices.   A versatile safety who played a lot of nickel in school, he was solid late in the week when covering tight ends.  His run fits were also above average.  Travis’ special teams work as a Golden Gopher has always drawn kudos.  A play or two in that facet of his game on Saturday will only aid his final charge in a what is also a deep 2017 safety class.

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