Company Bio was launched in the autumn of 2009 by former NFL 11-year veteran Corey Chavous in order to provide in-depth sports coverage. Chavous has appeared on ESPN, NFL Network and several national radio and TV programs over the last three decades.  

A former NFL Pro Bowler, Chavous studied Human and Organizational Development at Vanderbilt University. With an emphasis on Broadcast Journalism, he worked as an intern at WSMV-Channel 4 (NBC), WKRN-Channel 2 (ABC) and WNEG-Channel 32 (Toccoa, GA).  He also did an independent study at KUSA-Channel 9 (Denver, CO.). 

One of the major differentiating factors for could be its video analysis. Video in-game scouting reports are given at each game the company attends during the year. Before any prospect is given a grade, however, three-to-five full viewed games are required on each player. 

Several former NFL coaches, scouts, players and collegian stars have contributed football scouting reports on the website.'s additional focus on baseball and basketball scouting dates back to the website's inception in 2009. Several MLB and NBA first round draft picks have been spotlighted in independent features on the website.

NBA prospects are graded in the same manner as football players, and each player carries an individual scouting report on the site.  


An Explanation of Our Grading Formula staff, analysts, scouts and correspondents use an eight-pronged scale to grade players based on eight identifying characteristics.  These characteristics were developed in a series of meetings during the inception of our company in the summer of 2009. 

DraftNasty Lead Executive Director Barney Chavous and Founder and President Corey Chavous developed the entire system and grading formula. 

Barney Chavous spent 28 years as a player and coach in the NFL for the Denver Broncos.  He played 14 years for the Broncos.  When he retired, Chavous was the Broncos’ All-Time leader in games played and sacks (75 ½).  He was a key member of the infamous Orange Crush defense that helped guide the Broncos to a Super Bowl XII appearance vs. the Dallas Cowboys.  A graduate of South Carolina State, Chavous earned Pittsburgh Courier Rookie of the Year honors in 1973.

Chavous spent another 14 years as an assistant strength/OL coach with the team.  He was a coach on the back-to-back Denver Broncos' Super Bowl Champion teams of the late 90s. 

Our steadfast belief is that the main criteria for grading players should come from the following eight characteristics:




Vision/Hand Eye Coordination





Football IQ


These do not constitute a numerical value in terms of importance, but are all combined on an eight-point scale.


.90-1.00-Outstanding, Elite


.80-.90-Good to Very Good


.70-.80-Average to Above Average


.60-.70-Barely passing to Below Average


.60 or lower-Failing


Note:  This number can get really low if the characteristic is severely lacking or has little or no chance to improve.

We have never graded a player with a perfect 8.0 score and the following numerical values are used to determine our final draft grades on each prospect. 


Grade/Score                                    Round


6.5 or higher                                    1st Round


6.1-6.49                                           2nd Round


5.7-6.09                                            3rd Round


5.2-5.69                                            4th Round


4.7-5.19                                            5th Round


4.2-4.69                                            6th Round


3.7-4.19-                                           7th Round


3.69 or lower-                                  Free Agent


Note:  The 1.0 grading scale takes the average if there are two qualities grouped into one identifying characteristic.  For example, a player can have elite explosion but if he has some stiffness, it will average out the category accordingly. 


Explosion-.73    Agility-.50

Explosiveness/Agility-  .615


DraftNasty's Big Boards

Through all of the player analysis, another major element of the site is the Big Board. Our analysts spend countless hours grading each player listed on the Big Boards. Using their detailed grading system, the correspondents at rank collegiate players throughout the country. The Big Board is updated daily.


Mission Statement 

To provide the most comprehensive video journalistic reviews within the scouting realm.  Our goal is to not only scout the most well-known talent, but to find those hidden gems throughout the nation.  

Other key elements of the site such as the Mock Drafts, Bryant’s Beehive, Wonderful Wednesday's Hot Spot and Green’s Throwback Report draw several new and returning users throughout the football season. Our mock drafts utilize research from various areas with an emphasis on analysis from Bryant’s Beehive gives readers a recent account of all of the most recent college football analysis from a scouting perspective. Green’s Throwback Report is a look at any relevant events in the world of sports - past and present.

With a wide appeal, has found a niche in covering sports that appeal to the sports enthusiast as well as professionals within the world of sports. The five states with the most visitors are California, Florida, Georgia, New York and Texas.  Viewers from as far away as Japan have visited the website since its' inception.  

'We Are The Fan!'

From the beginning, Chavous wanted to ensure that the company developed a close relationship with the fans. While scouting players from coast-to-coast, the DraftNasty RV and staff combine to form an intricate role in connecting to the fans. Fans are able to meet analysts from the company while asking questions or participating in trivia contests or other giveaways. The DraftNasty RV has traveled thousands of miles to several games over the last three seasons.